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Among all memories I recall from my time spent in corporate organisations, I particularly appreciate those moments spent with the managers. Helping them define a position and find the right role specifications and ideal candidate profiles. Imagining with them how the new member would interact with the staff and allowing the dream of having the perfect one (yes, I am the "perfect driver" type...)

Today, I have created this training with the objective of helping managers to better recruit their team members. If the manager is the first actor of the human resources of an organization, it happens sometimes that he is a beginner or self-taught in the practice of the HR aspects which require a mastery of techniques, methodologies and tools specific to the profession.

The content proposed in this training course is the direct result of my experience in different companies, and the concrete situations I have been through. To build this content, I have drawn on the different roles I have had during these experiences: first as a member of an operational team in the business services sector, then as a research associate in an American headhunting firm for the French market, and finally in the human resources departments of two French groups. I was in charge of human resources, then I was recruitment manager. I accompanied dozens of managers in their projects of job creation and replacement in their teams. I shared their difficulties, their successes and their needs for progress. 

Today, I have decided to put this experience at their service and offer them a pragmatic and operational training program, which will enable them, at the end of the session, to be more at ease with the candidates, to objectify their choices, and to put "all the chances on their side".

Info : nicoletta.cappa@humaninspires.com

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